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Social Media: The Strongest Media

May 6, 2012

For Lower-Profile Olympians, Social Media a Key to Branding Success

I think the author and the swimmer hit the nail on the head.  Lesser known people or those who want to attract a following must use social media.  Unless you have a way of writing a book or appearing on TV, establishing a following online is the best way to get exposure.

Especially for someone like Ricky Berens.  I mean the Olympics only happen once every four years and even when it takes place the people who represent the U.S. are not exactly icons.  There are usually a handful that garner quite a bit of attention but because there is such a strong professional sports scene in the U.S. Olympians are not as godly as they are in smaller countries.  Especially if the compete in what would be considered an obscure sport, which is pretty much anything aside from football, baseball, basketball and maybe hockey or golf.

Broadcasting a personal message is what social media is all about.  It’s merely a platform for people to broadcast their message and very few do it well enough to convince others to invest their time and attention.  This is a trend that won’t disappear any time soon though and anyone who seriously wants to be in the spotlight must take advantage of these opportunities.  From the niche athlete to the President of the United States, anyone that wants to attract a following will have to do it with a digital persona.


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