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Sex Robots Make for an Interesting Read, Who Knew?

April 22, 2012

Robot Red-Light Districts by 2050?

This story was an obvious bait tactic to drum up more traffic, but I read it all the same.  I now feel dumber for having done so.  I don’t think this is a horrendous piece because it focused on improving the sex trade or because it made a series of outrageous claims for the year 2050, but I do despise this story, however short and pointless it might be, because someone allowed it to be posted on their website.

This is a prime example of just how little the opinions of ‘experts’ are worth these days when they spew half-baked ideas and waste who knows how much money on ridiculous ‘studies’.  If these people have jobs and somehow their words carry enough weight to be heard around the world, why am I wasting my time pursuing a college degree?

Something like this speaks to just how morally bankrupt society is.  This piece was liked and shared several hundred times.  There are people starving all over the world, there’s always a war of some sort in the Middle East or in Africa and yet garbage like this generates discussion.  If someone really wants to eliminate the sex trade, then put forth suggestions with merit.  Go after the people running these operations or better yet, improve economic conditions so people don’t have to sell their bodies to make ends meet.  It might seem trivial but this is why I hate online publishing and why Internet journalism is still behind print and broadcast, more so print.

No newsroom with a shred of integrity would run a trashy story like this.  Yes, there are those sleazy tabloids who get their ‘news’ from celebrities’ garbage cans but no legitimate news outlet would subject its readers to this.


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  1. kyle permalink

    It’s the age-old debate…is the media influenced by the public or is it the other way around?

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