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March 18, 2012

How Booze Goes Social for Saint Patrick’s Day

This was a short post on Mashable about St. Patrick’s day, but I think it was very insightful piece in terms of gauging readers’ interests.  Everyone who is willing and able drinks on St. Patty’s Day so it’s no surprise that companies that produce alcohol are interested in squeezing all they can out of the weekend.

Posting drink recipes and running promotions is nothing new, but the concept of having enormous parties that link people together via the Internet and streaming live events is bold.  The concept makes sense though because people are tired of traditional news.  It’s likely that most readers would rather listen to the Jameson broadcasts or tour the Guinness facilities then read about any of the parades the next day.  Of course if people had their own plans on St. Patrick’s Day they might not use any of the features the companies made available, but if they didn’t they can see how other people are celebrating.  This is an advantage that digital platforms have over print is the ability to add more depth to a story.  A newspaper can tell you about an event, but a live stream can allow you to be there and even chat with other people.

The best part about the entire campaign is that nearly everything that was released or posted was made sharable so readership was international.  St. Patrick’s Day is all about getting together with other people and having a good time, and it’s simple to connect people with the Internet.  One thing I think the companies might have missed were video tutorials.  Showing people how to make decorations or how to mix drinks is infinitely more helpful than just handing them a list.

Hopefully journalists examine the steps these companies took on St. Patrick’s Day because finding innovative ways to involve people in stories gives content much more value than basic reporting.  If they can manage to produce content like that on a regular basis, readers might even ignore things like pay walls because they are getting more for their dollar.


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