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Should Small Businesses Use Twitter?

March 11, 2012

To Follow or not to Follow?

It makes sense for small businesses to follow people who follow them.  The only reason many small businesses can operate is because people prefer the feeling of familiarity you can have with a mom and pop shop that you can’t get with a corporate chain.  Some people are probably indifferent if after following a business they don’t return the favor I mean it’s not a real person they can’t get to know them, but I don’t know why they wouldn’t return the favor.  If someone likes you enough to include you in their social media circle use that to your advantage.  One of the advantages small businesses usually over chains is that brand loyalty from their consumers.  Have promotions encouraging people to follow your business, or examine people’s tweets and the other things they follow for marketing research.  The best part is the advertisement and crowd sourcing that can be done with Twitter is all free.

I think making the choice to follow customers is also very dependent on the size of the business itself and its consumer base.  Like the article said, at one point the president was following more than 700,000 people.  I’m sure somewhere in the thousands of tweets per day that account received every day there was some worthwhile thoughts or questions, but there was probably also a fair amount of extraneous material.  Twitter should be used as a business tool.  Businesses should try to appear genuine, but if they start posting random tweets about nothing like most people do then their consumers might drop them from their feed to cut down on the stream of useless tweets.



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