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The Internet improving the Internet

March 3, 2012

Top 10 Pro Tips and Tools for Budding Web Developers and Designers

In my opinion, this is article is what the Internet does best.  Taking tons of information and consolidating it to a single place to potentially benefit an infinite amount of users.  The invention of the Internet opened the door for an endless stream of user generated content, with much of being poorly done, but by making use of resources like this the potential for people to create respectable content increases.  I mean skim the article.  There are  so many hyperlinks to sources or applications that supply designers with exactly what they need. This is accomplished online much quicker than in the real world, and for the most part with little to no cost.

For some, like critic Andrew Keen, the web has seemingly perpetuated the spread of amateurism.  The Internet is nothing more than an infinite well of terribly designed websites, opinionated blogs and pointless social media posts.  A testament to the mediocrity of novices everywhere.  What closed minded people like that fail to realize though, is that the Internet is the solution to terrible content on the Internet.  By using the knowledge of the small percentage of successful developers and designers on the Internet as a guide, the everyday person can construct functional websites, write compelling blogs and disseminate useful information.

The ability to create respectable, digital content seems to fall under the category of simple to learn but difficult to master.  It’s great to see people who have reached the master level though because content we find appealing can often be consumed for free.  The Internet offers great opportunities for aspiring thinkers, and if nothing else supplies people with an endless source of content to enjoy in their free time.


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