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Seldom used expression or racist statement

February 19, 2012

ESPN Racist Jeremy Lin Headline: Network Apologizes For Insensitive Headline For Knicks Loss

Ah the age of political correctness.  Will the world ever grow tired of walking on egg shells?  I fully support the idea that people need to be held accountable for what they say and I obviously condemn the use of negative racial and ethnic comments.  That being said I think the situation with Jeremy Lin has been blown out of proportion.

It’s difficult to measure intent, but I think it’s safe to say that ESPN made an honest mistake.  The article says the title only appeared online for about 35 minutes, and then it was changed and ESPN apologized.  If Lin was outraged by the, “slur,” then he’s kept it to himself because his Facebook and Twitter don’t say anything about the situation, which is one of the ways to handle a situation like this.  It’s only by acknowledging people who make racially insensitive comments that you give their words any weight because after all the idea of race is a social construct.

That being said, whether ESPN wanted to insult Lin or not, they made a mistake.  They released their work to the public for interpretation and criticism so people are well within their rights to rebuke ESPN for using a headline like that.  I mean the headline was used previously for a different story, which seems careless, and it was a bad headline in the first place since was a snappy one-liner that didn’t reveal anything about what happened. What’s worse is that the story was published online, and once something is posted to the Internet it’s there forever because even after they edited the story people are still talking about it.  After seeing the public’s reaction ESPN is going to see what they did wrong and try to improve so that this doesn’t happen again because it is a professional news organization not some sleazy tabloid fighting for attention on a newsstand.


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