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Tech Nerds Seek Political Involvement

January 29, 2012

Engine Advocacy Turn Tech Nerds Into Political Experts

Interesting concept all things considered.  With so many new companies and business opportunities getting started on the web I’m surprised a group like this hasn’t formed sooner.  It’s definitely needed though after that SOPA/PIPA debacle, especially if Congress is considering trying to pass them again.  As it stands now there just seems to be this disconnect between the Internet and Congress.  If there isn’t a go-between, message boards and forums will burst into flames every time the government tries to pass legislation restricting the Internet.

I like that Engine Advocacy also made it a point to mention they have no lobbyists working for them because there are enough clamoring for attention in Washington already, but I wish they would have elaborated on what kinds of, “action tools,” they hope to implement.  I also found it strange that among the issues the group has set its sights on was immigration reform.  They said it was to make it easier for innovative people to come to the U.S., but unless that’s limited to making a special visa for that purpose I think the group might be stepping outside of their sphere of influence.  Also, with today’s technology it’s quite simple to communicate with someone from another country, while it’s obviously advantageous to have people working towards the same goal together in one place, things like e-mail, instant messaging and Skype make physical distance irrelevant.

I chose this article because it’s a great parallel to our class, in the sense that we are both looking to use technology to communicate with a large audience.  Also, depending on what kind of political clout this group can achieve, the policy reforms they seek could affect bloggers and internet journalism.  As obsessed with technology as the U.S. is, I think it’s a great idea that this group is taking the initiative to make it easier for lawmakers and the tech sector to communicate.  I’d also be interested to know what Engine Advocacy has in mind for the upcoming presidential election and if they can draw any attention to tech-related campaign questions, when the focus will most certainly be on jobs and the economy.


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  1. Kyle permalink

    If the politicians don’t want to learn about technology, teach a technologist about politics. Makes sense. I’m not sure how they will avoid the inevitable slide into the roll of “lobbyist”. Seems unavoidable to me.

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